The Magic Trick

You, too, can perform mysterious feats of wonder and amaze your friends! Why should dweebs like David Blaine, or that creepy schmo, David Copperfield, get all the glory? And, you will be able to master these impressive techniques with surprisingly little practice!

Oh, I ain’t talkin’ kids’ party, milk down the newspaper, nothing in my top hat, bullshit, neether! I’m talking about making huge things disappear into thin air (how thin depending on pollution levels in your area), …before everyone’s very eyes!! Holy $#*%!!!

Yes, there’s that whole “Magician’s Code” hoo-hah. These are pretty big secrets I’m giving away here. But, I believe it’s time to democratize magic. To wrestle it from the white gloved hands of the 1%, put it in a quasi-Chinese decorative box, and transport it to the 99%. Don’t be scared of your freedom, baby!

Here we go:

The next time you encounter someone whose lifestyle you disapprove of, or beliefs you disagree with – you know the ones, who wantonly make choices you wouldn’t make, like they own their life or somethin’ – as long as they are not imposing their beliefs upon your personal life:
Mind your own busness.

}} POOF! {{

Just like that, your problem disappears!

OMG, did that just happen?! Yes, yes it did.
That’s okay, you may need a minute.

Feel free to teach this trick to your friends. I can’t guarantee you’ll ever make the big bucks at magic that the two Davids are making, but you may very well be happier.

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