Once, we could see the fissures in our relationship with the Oneness. This was a blessing, not a curse. We would be called aside for healing. We would go outside, from the familiar, the comforts (maybe lazy, complacent?) of home, in order to no longer be distracted from looking inward. To quiet ourselves.We would remember that, just as we create our world, with our holy gift of language, it is also by our words we can destroy. The silence is a balm to heal those fissures; all those wounds, from cutting words and thoughts meant to stab at others. Our own anger, or jealousy, or fear, is a mask we put over the face of the other, so we no longer see their face. Their true face ~ Our face. The face of the Oneness, blessed be SHe.

May we be healed and soothed. May we laugh at our scars of seperation, and in so doing, say,”How happy I am to remember how far I have come! I have returned to the goodness of my Self.” Amein.

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