NaPoWriMo Day Six and Seven

Sixth day poem is being delivered a day late, as the recalcitrant poem will tell you the reasons why herself.
Wishing to follow, for the second time, the prompt offered at, I obediently gazed out the window and collected my nouns, then my colors, and finally my verbs ~ but to no coherent avail.

As my pibble, Jane, is quite fond of shredding paper into confetti, I loosed her upon the shriveled leaves of my frustrating attempts at verse.
So, my valid excuse is that my dog ate my homework.

And yet, this morning, as I swept up the debris (of my writing career?) and took the remains to the trash, the wee thing, she wouldn’t go down without a fight…

I Took the back Deck and
every one of its Railings, both Dogs – one Black and the other Brown
and White, who Stood upon it –
the entire Staircase,
the dead, Yellow Grass beneath them,
the too eager and very Green Weeds, the Silver garage Door, the Garage,
the Dirt in its present Incarnation
as Mud, the Grey Pallets which Corral the Compost Pile, the brick Red- breasted Robin who Perches on the Fence, the Bricks below him that Encircle the Flowerbed, the Purple Flowers, and the Damned cold Raining Sky that hasn’t been Blue
in Days, and Threw them all into
the dented, already over stuffed,
Poop-colored Trash Dumpster,
because they wouldn’t Give me
one lousy Poem when I Asked so nicely, the Ingrates, every one.

Seventh day, we are prompted to write a love poem to an inanimate object. This one was easypeasy, as I am the besotted slave that is the addict – daily dropping E:

You rouse me
from my deepest slumber
with your warm embrace
You quench my desire
and gently lift my eyes
weary of the world, its trials
and burdens evaporate like fog
rolling across a peaceful lake
As I hold you close
I feel your heat
kiss your dark lips
My passions rekindled
I am inspired anew
my eternal muse
My belovèd

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