Readings for Ashraf Fayadh

I believe in cause and effect. I believe that intention is a cause, and thus also do ideas and words shape this world. If a man’s words may be the death of him, through them so might he live.

Speak the words you believe; free them like angels upon the world.

Speak the words this day of those who are muted by chains and crushed by inhumanity. Free them into the universe; their trajectory no less dynamic than a comet’s.

Join me tonight at Kismet Creative Center, 3409 Iowa Ave 63118 (next door to Yaquis), and speak some words, and be filled by them, and loose them into this world.

I’ve organized this poetry reading/arts event in collaboration with the international effort by the ILB, to speak truth to power, in the case of poet & artist, Ashraf Fayadh, and for the sake of silenced voices everywhere.

The official listing of events is here, but there are many more, and one may hold a reading ad hoc, with friends, or simply by one’s self at home:

The posters – of participants, and of signatories of the letter of protest – are available for download here:

Here are some articles about Ashraf’s case, and this international effort by fellow poets, writers and artists, to free him:

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